Legacy provides pioneering cancer treatment

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Stracathro Hospital will soon be in the position to provide pioneering treatment for cancer patients after it received a £261,900 legacy from a Brechin woman.

The legancy was donated by the late Miss Isobel Paterson, who died last October.

Miss Paterson owned a dress shop in Brechin for many years after inheriting the business from her father.

The legacy has enabled the Friends of Stracathro to purchase a new piece of equipment that can be used for bladder and kidney cancer patients, the first hospital in the world to be equipped with the machine.

The new technology, developed by a Stracathro based urologist, Greg Kata, in conjunction with a world-leading medical equipment company, will mean that patients no longer have to spend time in hospital recovering from their treatment and will instead allow patients to be treated as day patients.

Pinpoint accuracy in targeting and destroying rogue cancer cells by laser is made possible by the new machine that is expected to arrive in the hospital in the next few months.

Rogue cells which may not have been detected by conventional methods can be detected using photo dynamic diagnosis (PDD) a method of detection that Dr Kata is a world leader in using.

PDD involves the use of a camera about the size of a pinhead that will provide clear internal pictures of the patients.

Using laser to destroy the cells will mean it is no longer necessary to remove the kidney.

The legacy has enabled the hospital to buy equipment which would have taken years to afford if bought through the NHS budget.

If you would like to donate money to the Friends of Stracathro contact Hamish McLauchlan on 01356 648484.