New walking group

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A new walking group in Brechin, led by Paths of All and the NHS, is set to launch on October 1.

The initiative aims to help people get active and meet new people. The group will set off at 2 p.m. from Brechin Leisure Centre each Wednesday.

Jean Clark, who is one of the organisers, had placed flyers around the town to promote the group in August. However, some of the flyers were removed. She explained: “I was hurt to see none visible in either locations. The bus shelters were also minus their leaflets. There is a name and phone number on both, Frances could have been contacted to inform her this was something that was not allowed, if that is the case, and asked to remove them. Just to pull them off is cowardly.”

She added: “Happy to say though that businesses and official offices in Brechin still proudly display our posters/leaflets. Thank you.

“Please join me for our first walk of many, on October 1st 2014. A warm welcome awaits you.”