New weight management programme at Stracathro

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A new Emerge Weight Management Programme run by dietitians from Angus Community Health Partnership (CHP) will be starting at Stracathro Hospital near Brechin on Thursday (tomorrow).

Emerge is a group education programme aimed at helping members of the Angus community with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 35 or over to develop a healthy lifestyle and manage their weight.

Groups will be held weekly for the first eight weeks when all the interactive education will be covered and this will be followed by monthly group meetings for up to six months and then bimonthly up to a year.

Run by specialist weight management dietitians, each session will last around two hours and look at the causes and consequences of obesity, how to make healthier choices, as well as exploring eating behaviours and much more.

Jude Findlay, weight management dietitian, Angus CHP, said:

“This group is aimed at enabling people with a BMI of 35 or over to make healthier eating choices, lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle by helping them to change their eating behaviour.

“We had very positive feedback from those who attended our first two groups, along with some good weight losses which have been maintained.

“Over the sessions, participants on this weight management programme will be given support from experienced dietitians who will be able to give helpful advice and tips on how to make lifestyle changes, in a practical and fun, interactive way.”

If you already know you have a BMI of 35, or you would like to find out if you do, then this group will offer support and advice to help you lose weight.

Places are limited so book your free place by calling Jude Findlay on 01307 476494.