NHS Tayside urge smokers to make quitting their New Year resolution

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NHS Tayside is urging smokers in Brechin to start 2014 by make a New Year’s resolution to change their lives by stubbing out their habit.

To help highlight the benefits, NHS Tayside have shared the story of an Arbroath mum, who is looking forward to a healthier, and richer, 2014 after quitting her 16 year smoking habit.

Denise Bell, who has three children, decided to quit last year following her 40th birthday.

She was put in touch with NHS Tayside Smoke Free Services by her GP and she then signed up to the Quit4U scheme, which involved attending smoking cessation classes.

Denise explained: “The classes have been really good at keeping me motivated and giving me the support I needed.

“I have definitely noticed a difference, I can do so much more than I used to and my breathing is better. Your general health just improves. I am saving money since I stopped too.”

Denise used the grocery vouchers she earned as part of Quit4U scheme to buy food for her daughter Kasey’s surprise 13th birthday party.

She added: “Kasey is proud of the journey I made to quit smoking so it was quite a fitting way to spend the vouchers.

“I would encourage people to give the classes a go and get the support they need to quit smoking. You are given all the information you need and you get the chance to speak to people in the same position as you.

“It is the perfect time to make a New Year’s resolution to stop smoking. It has made such a difference to my life. There is no looking back for me now.”

Kelly Cruickshanks, smoking cessation coordinator, said: “Denise has done a great job and we are delighted that the smoking cessation team could help her reach her goal of being smoke free.”

Anyone who wants to stop smoking can call NHS Tayside Smoke Free Services on 0845 600 999 6 to find out about all the ways in which NHS Tayside can help support people to become smoke-free.