Putting women in the know about breast cancer treatment

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Breakthrough Breast Cancer has put together a free comprehensive, patient friendly guide explaining how early breast cancer should be diagnosed and treated in Scotland.

These Best Treatment Guidelines are available to all women who have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and for anyone who is supporting someone through that process.

The information in the guide has been compiled from documents used by doctors and nurses, giving the reader a clear explanation as to what that information means for the patient in question.

It also goes into detail about why patients may be offered certain tests and treatments, and exactly what to expect if the patient needs them.

James Jopling, Director for Scotland at Breakthrough Breast Cancer says: “Nearly 4,500 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year in Scotland and it is extremely important that women fully understand all their options and treatment paths.

“The Guide is also aimed at informing close family and friends, who often play a key role supporting those diagnosed, so they too have the knowledge about different stages of treatment.” The Best Treatments Guideline is available – free of charge - by calling Breakthrough Breast Cancer on 0131 226 0761. Alternatively copies can be downloaded free of charge from the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Scotland website: http://www.breakthrough.org.uk/scotland/campaigning_in_scotland/treatment_guidelines.html