Raising awareness of mouth cancer

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NHS Tayside’s Community Dental Service is raising awareness of mouth cancer during Mouth Cancer Action Month.

Running for the duration of November, Mouth Cancer Action Month highlights that in the UK, mouth cancer is diagnosed in more than 5000 people annually and kills almost 2000 people each year.

This is the equivalent of one death every five hours.

Professional check-ups and regular self-examinations are the best way to detect mouth cancer as soon as possible.

Early diagnosis saves lives, improving survival chances from just half of cases to more than 90%.

Early warning signs include mouth ulcers which do not heal within three weeks, red and white patches in the mouth and unusual changes in the mouth.

NHS Tayside’s Community Dental Service is helping to raise awareness of Mouth Cancer Action Month by organising a variety of events in support of the campaign, including screening for homeless people.

NHS Tayside Senior Dental Officer Gillian Elliott said: “We are supporting Mouth Cancer Action Month in Tayside as it is vital that people are aware of the risks and are checked regularly for signs of mouth cancer – early detection saves lives.”

Mouth Cancer Action Month aims to raise awareness of a disease which has remained under-reported for too long.

Prevention is crucial and lifestyle choices can help minimise risks.

For more information visit the website www.mouthcancer.org