Self management support for Angus residents

Angus residents now have a range of self management support at their finger tips.

Angus residents can log on to NHS Tayside’s website and visit the Angus Community Health Partnership (CHP) webpage where they will be able to view the list of more than 40 Angus CHP services, classes and programmes which cover a range of long term conditions.

Angus CHP, with support from voluntary groups, Angus Council and national charities, run various self management classes, programmes and information events aimed at helping people to live better with their condition.

The webpage has information on diabetes, arthritis, dementia, pain management, mental health, smoking cessation and weight management, Tayside Cancer Support and pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation.

These self management classes and information events are held throughout the year and are also advertised in the local press and on local radio.

This online resource will make it easier for members of the Angus community to find out information on the support groups and services that are available locally as well as details of support that can be accessed online.

Statistics show that 40% of the Scottish population live with a long term medical condition making effective self management very important.