World awareness day for HG

Heather's son Joseph  was the happy ending to her battle with HG during her pregnancy.

Heather's son Joseph was the happy ending to her battle with HG during her pregnancy.

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A sufferer of Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), the same condition as the Duchess of Cambridge, has highlighted an awareness day.

Heather Miranda, a former Brechiner now living in Dundee, suffered from the sickness condition when she was pregnant with her son Joseph.

Heather now works with charity Pregnancy Sickness Support which supports International Hyperemesis Gravidarum Awareness day, held today (May 15).

HG is at the extreme end of the pregnancy sickness spectrum and can be life threatening, with one in 100, to one in 150 woman being be hospitalised.

HG can lead to severe complications including oesophageal tears, muscle wasting, serious vitamin deficiency from excessive vomiting and complications from extreme dehydration.

The Duchess of Cambridge was hospitalised with the condition early in her pregnancy, and brought the condition in to the spotlight.

Speaking about her own ordeal, Heather commented: “One of the hardest things I found during my pregnancy is that people, including medical professionals, kept saying ‘you’ll feel great at week 12’, ‘you’ll feel great at week 16’, etc., and I never did.”

“HG made me feel incredibly isolated and lonely. I felt no-one could understand. I felt robbed of having a joyful pregnancy.

“I couldn’t leave my bed/the couch, let alone leave the house - it was so isolating and depressing.”

During her pregnancy, Heather had to be hospitalised to receive IV fluids because she had ketones - which essentially meant her body was in starvation mode.

Pregnancy Sickness Support, of which Heather is regional leader for Scotland and Northern Ireland, aims to provide support and resources for medical professionals as well as raising awareness of the condition to the general public.

The charity also provides a support network for HG suffers.

For more information on Pregnancy Sickness Support, visit