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The Brechin Medical Practice has responded to patient queries regarding their appointment booking system.

Patients are advised that if they want to see a doctor of their choice, to contact the practice during 8 am to 6 pm Monday- Friday and book an appointment in advance, rather than trying to get a same day appointment.

Those seeking an emergency ‘on the day’ appointment, should be aware that they will be assessed first by the nurse practitioner, who is able to prescribe medication and deal with most acute problems.

The nurse practitioner will either deal with the issue then and there themselves, make an appointment with a doctor at a later date if there is no urgency, or contact a doctor to deal with the complaint should the nurse be unable to treat it.

Acute injuries, such as sprains, cuts and strains, caused by falls or other means, can be treated by nurses in the minor injury unit, situated next door to the medical practice, between 8 am to 9.30pm and does not require an appointment to be made first.

The medical practice has also issued information regarding home visits, asking patients not to abuse the system.

Home visits are based on medical need alone.

With better facilities and equipment located in the surgery, the practice are better able to deal with acutely ill people in a clinical setting, which means adults will only be seen at home if they are too ill to attend the surgery.

It has been advised that children rarely, if ever, need home visits as they can easily be brought to see the doctor.

With missed appointments reaching a weekly average of 60, the practice have urged patients to cancel appointments if they no longer need them, to allow them to go to those patients who need them.

They also advise that patients give at least two working days for prescription requests to be processed, as the increase in routine medication as ‘emergency the same day’ has resulted in the duty doctor having less time to dedicate to acutely ill patients.