Help shape the 2020 vision for 
Brechin’s future

With the clocks going back the first phase of the Brechin 2020 Vision showcase consultation draws to a close.

The two final evening sessions will be on tonight (Wednesday) and tomorrow (Thursday) 4 to 8 p.m. at the Parish Council Chambers (formerly the Registrar’s) and the Brechin and District Community Council strongly urge you to come in and have your say as they try to shape the vision for the future of our city.

During the consultation a number of issues have been raised. These include:-

Many who live in Brechin believe it is in limbo until Angus Council, public and private landlords or property developers decide to invest in the city and community.

There are very serious concerns about the high number of empty buildings, raised by many who came through the Parish Council Chambers doors over the last few weeks. Some questioned the commitment of Angus Council to Brechin with the lack of consultation about closures and no major council department located in Brechin.

Another matter very important to families is that there is nothing to do in Brechin.

When a family seeks out something to do as a family unit, they go out of town. One person commented: “A simple thing like taking the kids to the park to play. They are a disgrace in Brechin. You go elsewhere and it looks like they have had a lot on money spent on them. Brechin never seems to get its share!”

Others question whether to stay in the city or not as the outlook for the future is uncertain comments such as: “A new school is great, but where are the jobs?” being voiced.

Businesses are considering whether they should invest in Brechin or look elsewhere.

Community councillor Derek Harper Commented: “One of the main issues raised was the increasing number of empty buildings in the city, from Maisondieu and St Columba’s churches, the old Andover School, the former Flicks building, St Drostans, the Dalhousie bar and the old courthouse to mention a few.

“Indeed that number could rise once the new community campus is built as it has already been indicated that the existing services at the Leisure Centre and the Damacre Centre will be provided at the campus and these buildings are likely to be declared surplus to requirements.

“This list doesn’t take into account any mention of the future of the City Hall which still remains unclear. Angus Council has stated that it does not have the money needed to invest in bringing it to a stage where it is fully suitable for public including the performance space.”

Community Council Convener, Grahame Lockhart, added: “With that in mind we have arranged an open meeting on the November 11, at the Parish Council Chambers at 7.15 p.m., to ask the community to share their thoughts on what can be done with these empty buildings.

“We particularly encourage all who currently use the sports and learning centres that may be affected by the new campus to come along and air their views and concerns.”