Helping to shape plans for Newesk

Local residents had another chance to shape plans for the £250 million development at the former RAF Edzell base on Monday evening.

Carnegie Base Services, a local family based firm, propose to have a 444 acre site which will include some 300 hectares for sustainable business, with the remainder of up to 1,000 new sustainable houses.

The new development, which will create up to 1,000 jobs, will be named Newesk.

George Massie, development consultant for the proposals, said: “The Carnegies are very encouraged by the level of public interest which has been shown by the attendance at the first public consultation meeting.

“We were over subscribed and the venue turned out not to be big enough.

“The Carnegies have been at this for over ten years and it has cost a lot of money both on the base and for developing these proposals.

“The Carnegies have made it clear from the outset. They have been here for generations.

“They are going to be here for a long time in the future and they want whatever happens to be something that the community will be proud of.

“They don’t want this to be something that is in some way forced on the community, or something that the community didn’t feel they had been properly engaged with throughout the process.

“Beyond what you have been told, if we get planning permission there will be all sorts of design guidance built in to the permission so that we can absolutely ensure that all the environmentally friendly and sustainable options will be looked at.

“The Scottish Government is supportive of these initiatives. They want sustainable communities and are saying this is the way forward.

“If it takes a year to go through the planning process we would be in a position to start in 2012-2013.

“We are looking at a 15-20 year development period. It is going to happen over a long time.

“In terms of the permission that we have already got, there is a commitment already been made by the Carnegies with the council by way of a legal agreement to make way for an eight acre site for a school and/or a community facility.

“ For the funding for this the Carnegies have agreed that, for each house sold, they will give a financial donation to the council.

“That will be held in a suspense account, so that when the local authority decide that a school is to be built a large part of the funding will already be available.”

During the evening a number of concerns were raised by the public.

These ranged from maintenance of open space to concerns with waste water treatment and clean and dirty water drainage.

There were concerns with HGV access especially over West Water Bridge as well as whether there would be improved access to the A90.

During the workshop residents discussed how They would like to see better public transport aceesss, with more regular bus services.

A spokesperson for Edzell Owners group was full of praise for the plans.

“We like the way it is going, we like the way that you are talking to us and we look forward to working with you,” she told the developers.

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