Idea to twin Edzell with Italian ski resort

Edzell arch
Edzell arch

A proposal to twin Edzell with an Italian Ski Resort has been mooted, with the hope to form a group to further discussions.

Councillor Bob Myles revealed the initial twinning idea at an Inveresk Community Council meeting, and had said that people he had spoken to in Edzell were keen to see it go ahead.

It is hoped that should there be enough support, the village could eventually be twinned with Sauze d’Oulx, which is located in the north west of Italy, close to the French border.

The idea first came about after Mr Myles had been approached with the idea from the Mayor of Sauze d’Oulx, who holidays in the local area.

Mr Myles explained: “He comes over very regularly and he is very keen to progress with the twinning.

“He loves it in Scotland and we thought why not make it a twinning relationship.

“I’ve done some soundings round Edzell, which suggest they’re keen for it to happen.”

“Of course, formal arrangements would need to be done.

“I would like to get an open meeting arranged where we could get views in the twinning and form a committee from there.”

The idea has been discussed with Edzell Village Improvement Society (EVIS) as well as the community council.

Mr Myles continued: “If we are doing it, it should be a separate group.”

Speaking about the Italian village, he said: “It’s a village in the Alps similar in population to Edzell in the summer, but in the winter it’s a very popular ski resort.”

He added: “Smaller communities can tend to lose out when it comes to twinnings, but often the ties between smaller communities are stronger.”

It is hoped that, should the twinning go ahead, that it could help increase tourism for both villages.