If events are sold out I hope there will be bums on seats

After sitting trawling through the events that are taking place during the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, we put off our forms to apply for tickets - I just hope we don’t get them all!

We felt that we had to apply for far more events that we would want to go to (and could afford) just so that we had the chance of getting some tickets. Even then we are not guaranteed to get any.

Now we are worried that for some reason we will get all the tickets we applied for and, obviously, get charged for them all.

I can understand that the method of ticketing in this manner is seen to be the fairest method but surely you should get a confirmation about what tickets you have been successful in gaining, with the option of saying you no longer want some.

It didn’t help that when you looked at the site you were told that ticket sales were over subscribed in most events, making you feel like you had to apply for more events just to increase you chances of getting one set of tickets.

I certainly hope we get to go down and see at least one event - we wish we had gone to London to enjoy the Olympics last year.

Even is we don’t get tickets I think we will pop along and watch the marathon or road race which are ticket free events just so that we can drink in the atmosphere.

I thought, for such a big event, the ticket prices were reasonable with prices starting as low as £15.

I also thought that including travel on public transport in the local area on the day of the event was a great idea as it would encourage people to leave cars at home.

I just hope that when events are sellouts that there are actually bums on seats unlike many of the events at the Olympics that you watched on TV that had rows of empty seats, despite people trying to buy tickets and getting turned down.

Regardless of if we get tickets I hope the event will be a great success and if we have to we will watch it on the TV.

The Olympics, despite the ticketing fiasco, proved to be a great event and so I hope the Commonwealth Games will be just as good.

I also hope it encourages youngsters to pick up sport and to aim to be future Games winners.

I think these large sporting events are great at encouraging youngsters to take part in sports they may never have heard of before.