Imogen sends final letter from America

Pictured is Imogen with her host parents after graduation
Pictured is Imogen with her host parents after graduation

Brechin stateside teen Imogen Sherrit has sent in her last update as she prepares to head home after a year in Warrenton, Virginia.

In her update, she talks about graduation.

“As soon as school finished on the last day of May, all anyone was talking about was graduation. This was held on the football field, on June 8. It was a great experience to be apart of since we don’t do that at high school, so it was a nice bit of closure on my high school years.

“A bit emotional too since that was probably the last time I would see a lot of the students, but I guess you never know! Luckily we were able to hold it outside, unlike one of the other high schools who had to have theirs indoors because of the Scottish weather we’ve been having recently. The senior class presidents gave speeches, and I even had a wee mention in the principal’s speech after that, because of my tie for first place in the Rotary speech contest back in February. Then we walked across the stage and received our diplomas, threw our caps, and were free to celebrate. It really was a fantastic day, and one of the best memories I will take from my time here.

“Since then I’ve just been making the most of my time left, spending it with friends and my host family.

“Last week I met up with a former Brechiner, Roberta Eggo, who lives relatively near my town. It was lovely to meet her and chat about all things Scotland. Those of you who know her may be interested to know that she has co-founded a group of local ladies all with Scottish ties called the “Sassy Lassies”- she’s clearly still the character she ever was!

“These past few days I visited Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg with my host dad, both of which were just fascinating. Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in the Americas, and you can visit the remains of the original James Fort and a Native American village. Williamsburg was brilliant too because it was like being in a living museum and theatre production combined. The buildings are exactly the same as they were in colonial times, and actors wander the streets and stop and talk to you. Better than your average museum, that’s for sure!

“As well as busying myself packing, I’ve also been writing an article on my time as an exchange student, which I was asked to do for the local ‘Warrenton Lifestyle’ magazine. I’ll be home before it’s out, but I’m told it will be available to see online if you’d like to read it!

“This year has been a fantastic experience, and I’m really glad I decided to do it. Thank you to those who helped me get here by supporting my fund-raisers last year, and to those who have followed my articles and blog posts. It’s been fun sharing my experience with you from across the pond! The idea of leaving here is bittersweet, but it’ll be great to see familiar faces.

“I’ve made so many memories, and met the most amazing people, but I’m ready to be back in bonny Scotland.”