Improving water mains in Brechin and Edzell

Scottish Water is investing £15 million to improve around 250 miles of pipes across Tayside and Fife.

This is part of a wider programme across Scotland to improve thousands of miles of pipeline.

Once the 18 month programme of work is complete in summer 2012, drinking water from Kirriemuir to Brechin will be even clearer and fresher.

In the area cover Brechin, Edzell, Kirriemuir and the edge of Stonehaven Scottish Water will be improving around 250 kilometres of water mains.

The 14-month programme which is getting underway will improve large diameter pipes and work mostly in farmland across North Tayside.

Ross Herd, Scottish Water’s senior project manager for the programme of work said: “During our last investment programme (2006-2010) Scottish Water invested significantly to improve water treatment works throughout Tayside and Fife.

“Now we are improving the pipes that deliver this clearer, fresher drinking water direct to our customers’ taps, to ensure they receive the best quality water possible.

“We will be mostly swabbing and flushing the mains, but other techniques such as relining, slip lining and pipe bursting will be used.

“Mostly the trunk mains network runs through fields. This allows us to keep disruption to our customers to an absolute minimum.

“Only where the pipes are in very bad condition will it be necessary to use the traditional open cut method to lay brand new pipes.”