In my view

Brechin’s Pageant day is coming up and everyone has an idea about what it should involve.

Brechin and District Round Table is well into its preparations for this year’s event with the hope of making the 2012 Pageant one of the best ever.

With many people wanting to see the return of old favourites such as floats or introducing a music festival alongside the event I wonder how many of those keen to see the event “bigger and better than ever” would be willing to turn up and help.

One person who has expressed an interest to make the Pageant a success in the past is Claire Robertson, who not only expressed a desire to have certain activities on the day, but has also turned up to offer her help. Good on her! Maybe more of us should take note and do the same.

Help is needed, not only on the day, but also to help set the park up on the Friday and to clear up after the event on the Saturday.

There is also a need for a volunteer to step forward and help organise the arena on the day. So, if you have ideas of what you would like to happen on June 2, why not get in contact with the organisers at and offer your services and help make the Pageant the best it can be.

The Round Table are doing their best to create a fun day for everyone but this is a community event and so they deserve to get help from the community.