In my view

Dog fouling is something that rears its ugly head on a regular basis amongst readers of the Brechin Advertiser and has certainly been a hot topic on our Facebook page.

As a dog owner I cannot understand why this should be an issue. It’s not hard to pick up after your dog and so I don’t see why every person who has a dog doesn’t do it without thinking.

We have a bag attached to the lead that has poo bags and dogs treats and we can’t leave the house without it.

What can be annoying, but is still no excuse for not picking up after your dog, is having to search for a dog bin.

You are in luck if your dog decides to go beside the cricket fields as you have the choice of about four bins within very short distance of each other, but at other times you may have to walk for quite some time until you locate one.

Where there are a lot of bins the area around them is certainly free of dog mess of any kind.

Could they not move one or two of the bins that are near the cricket grounds and put them in some of the areas that are known for being problematic for dog fouling. Brechin could certainly be doing with more bins spread about the town.

Maybe that would encourage the minority of dog owners who leave mess lying about to clear up after their pets and to stop giving the majority of responsible dog owners a bad name.