In my view

Social media is fast becoming an integral part of my life. Both for work and pleasure and I enjoy it. Facebook is a fantastic way to keep in touch with far flung friends and family members and at the newspaper it allows us to interact with readers and to read their opinions on the town and on local issues.

Twitter is something I love using when I am at the Glebe to tweet about the match (albeit some of them include some spelling mishaps when excitement as gotten the better of me).

I do, however, have one major issue with social media, and that is the people using it. I understand the appeal to of being able to voice any thought you have straight away to hundreds of friends or followers. But people should have the common sense to think about what they are saying and who could read it.

I, for example, recently discovered some unpleasant family news when I read it on my news feed. Now, I understand someone wanting to pay tribute to a family member who has passed away, but I think that you need to consider the timing. Doing it on the same day doesn’t give much time for the news to be spread in a kinder, subtler way.

People need to consider how others view their updates. I would hate to think that my close friends and family would stumble across my news, whether good or bad, online rather than hear it directly from me.