In my view

A proposal to reduce the number of play parks across Angus is one that I don't quite understand.

Many times I have read comments from mums and dads on the Brechin Advertiser's Facebook page calling for more things to do in Brechin and for more equipment to be added to the various parks in the city. So to hear they are cutting the park numbers in half across Angus is a puzzling one.

In Brechin I was surprised to see that the play area at Drumachlie Park is one that could go if the proposals are given the go ahead - surprising not just because it is beside the school but also because every time I have gone past there always seems to be children playing in it.

I understand that, like most things these days, the decision is down to money but I feel sorry for those children who will see their park being taken from them.

Okay, some of the parks only have one or two pieces of equipment in them but others, like the Edzell Muir trim trail are seeing a large number of pieces of equipment taken from them.

It is good to hear that the Inch Park would get upgraded in these proposals. The park is one that has a lot of potential but lacks investment. Maybe the addition of an adult gym would be welcomed by some of the ‘big kids’ across the town.

Nothing can be done to reduce spending cuts at the moment, almost everyone has to cut back on things to get by.

This is one of many sets of cuts and I wonder what more is to come.