In my view

Mobile phone company, EE, owners of T-Mobile and Orange, have launched the UK’s first 4G network, allowing 11 cities across Britain the opportunity to access mobile internet speeds of between 8 to 12Mbps - up to five times faster than 3G.

Great, if you get it, but how about giving 3G access to all towns in the UK first before rolling out 4G?

In Brechin and Edzell you are lucky if you can even access the internet on your ‘phone, and if you do it can be so slow that you forget that you are searching for something online on your ‘phone by the time it loads.

It is the same as BT who are rolling out 40mb fibre optic broadband across the country, with Brechin due to be included next year, yet some rural areas can not get broadband and if they do it is no faster than a dial up connection.

There are even places that are getting speeds of up to 160mb. It doesn’t seem fair.

Internet providers, whether mobile or home, should concentrate on getting everyone on an even playing field before giving others better and faster connections.

It can get very frustrating sitting waiting for a website to load, or a file to download, knowing that people in large cities are sat with internet speeds that, although already much faster, are due to be increased again.