In my view

Every Saturday and Sunday I avoid social media like the plague for two reasons.

The first reason is that I don’t want spoilers about programmes I haven’t yet had a chance to watch.

The second is reason is that I don’t want to know everyone else’s opinions on the programmes – particularly if they are watching just to complain and moan.

There is a simple solution if you dislike a programme - don’t watch it!

It seems nowadays people watch and read things just to complain about what they have watched or read. There are many programmes my friends and family watch that I don’t. My mother, for example, loves reality shows. When I go to visit her and she watches them I opt to do something else rather than sit and complain about what she is watching.

If there is a magazine article about someone I don’t like, I don’t read it because it is of absolutely no interest to me. The same goes for following people on Twitter. I follow people I like or I am interested in because otherwise their tweets will be of absolutely no relevance to me.

However, other people seem to struggle with this concept. Donald Trump isn’t a very a popular figure, yet people seem to go out of their way to read and respond to his tweets just to criticise, and on occasion verbally abuse him.

Here’s a tip – if you do not like what someone is saying do not go looking for it.

It’s always worked well for me.