In my view

Every year people across the world gather together to celebrate the new year, a celebration that I just do not understand the point of (but yes I do always end up doing something for it anyway).

There is a notion that a new year will signal a new start but I can’t quite grasp how this can be. Why do we have to wait until January 1 for a new start. Surely if you want things to get better it doesn’t take a new year for this to happen.

The worst part of Hogmanay and New Year is the kissing. Why, when the bell strikes midnight (and for sometime after that) do people (many of whom you don’t know), suddenly think it is appropriate to kiss you.

Even the bells is a let down. I remember as a kid how excited I got the first time I was allowed to stay up for the bells. I don’t know what I was expecting but I do remember feeling so let down when it happened and thinking “was that it”.

New Year’s resolutions are also something I have never done. If I wanted to make a resolution I could do that on any day of the year so why is there such an emphasis on making resolutions on the first?

If there was some evidence that people were more likely to stick to them if they are made of the first then maybe I would consider making one.

Now, despite being so cynical, it is time for me to wish you all, on behalf of everyone at the Brechiner, a very happy New Year.