In my view

It IS that time of the year again when you can no longer drive more than a few metres without having to dodge a hole in the road.

Over the last month the number of potholes appearing on our roads seems to have exploded.

To navigate the roads without hitting a hole now requires an element of skill, much like that of a rally driver.

On Hogmanay we had a number of visitors who travelled from Aberdeen to visit us for the first time. Two of the drivers, who arrived at different times, each greeted us by complaining about the same pothole on the back road from Trinity to Drumachlie Loan - not a great introduction to Brechin.

Even driving on the A90 is, at points, becoming treacherous due to holes appearing on the main carriageways. Hitting potholes at 30 mph is one thing but hitting one at 70 mph is quite another.

Each winter we are plagued with this problem and, in most cases, the holes are refilled as the weather becomes warmer but surely there must be a better way to fill in the holes than is currently happening as most of the potholes we see today were holes that caused us grief last year and the year before that.

Rather than filling in the holes in what seems to be a temporary fashion there needs to be some work in finding more permanent methods to lessen this yearly problem.