In my view

After what feels like an age, the Scottish FA have finally announced that Gordon Strachan will become the manager of the national side.

There will no doubt be many discussions as to whether or not he is the right man for the job, but I have to admit I am quite pleased with the appointment - mainly for his interview comments.

Everyone knows the classic Strachan soundbites, the most famous of which is probably his response of “velocity” to a reporter asking for a quick word. After Craig Levein it will be nice to see a manager in charge with a sense of humour. Dour managers are never much fun to watch in an interview, even if the people asking the questions don’t quite see it that way.

Obviously Strachan’s ability to answer questions in an amusing manner is moot if he isn’t up to scratch in the managerial stakes.

A lot has been made of his record at Middlesbrough, but if he sticks to his words and finds a style of play that suits his players in the national squad rather than forcing them to play a style that doesn’t suit them, I think he will be okay.

Its easier to adapt a team to your own preferred style of play if you are training them day in day out, but with the national games spread out it must surely be an easier task to take Strachan’s approach.

As long as he plays a striker in his starting 11, he will already be off to a better start than his predecessor.