In my view

Walking into Montrose Sports Centre for the first time last week, I admit, did bring out a touch of the green-eyed monster in me.

The facility there is absolutely amazing.

I went specifically to go for a swim and I was not disappointed by the swimming pool.

The 25 metre pool, which had six lanes as well as a studio pool with moving floor and a sauna, is somewhat different to what Brechin currently has and is probably more advanced that what is planned for the new community campus.

Why is it that Brechin cannot get a six lane pool when we get a new one? Why is it planned that we are only to get four lanes?

Brechin does have a pool, and for that we should be thankful, but when that pool is only open a few hours each weekend it is no wonder that you hear people saying it is not used enough.

I would love to use the pool more but my weekends are used for long lies so I am afraid I will never be at the pool for 9 to 10.30 a.m., on a Saturday or 9 a.m., to noon on a Sunday to be able to use it.

Open the pool on an evening or on a weekend afternoon and I would happily visit the Brechin High School pool. I would imagine I am not the only person who would use it if it opened more.

Until then I will continue using the Brechin Leisure Centre for the gym and badminton but will trek to Montrose for a swim.