In my view

There are some things that you are taught as a child that tend to fall by the wayside as you get older.

One of them, sadly tends to be politeness and it really winds me up.

When you were a child, if you pointed at someone in the street and said something, you were quickly told that it was rude and you shouldn’t do that. Or if you said something mean you were again told that it’s not nice to say things like that - even if it’s about a sibling (which I admit my brother, sister and I did quite a lot of when we were younger).

Now, however, adults have no qualms about saying quite cutting remarks loud enough for people to hear, or even directly to people’s faces. Constructive criticism is fine, but outright rudeness isn’t.

It really aggravates me when I am in a supermarket or a shop and see staff who are genuinely doing their best and getting snide remarks for something that isn’t their fault.

Perhaps it’s the increase in television ‘talent’ shows that has lead to people thinking its okay to be brutally honest with people about what they think of them.

What they don’t realise, is that people do actually have feelings and sometimes a scathing remark can have a greater effect on someone that you realise.

What ever happened to the old adage of if you haven’t anything nice to say don’t say anything at all?