In my view

DO-IT-yourself, or as goes in our house, don’t do-it-for-another-few-months, and for good reason too; we are useless at it.

It is not without trying. We often take moments of great inspiration, set a day to do a job only to find out just how inept we are at.

We have not, as of yet, had any real disasters. Only once did I walk up the stairs to find a small hole in the wall that looked down into the utility room downstairs.

That was easily solved by a bit of Pritt Stick and sticking the wallpaper back down.

Then there was the time we decided to paint the hallway and, after finishing the job, went into the living room (whose floor had been newly sanded and varnished) to find a white trail of perfectly formed dog paw prints that led us to the dogs bed!

But, we thought that Sunday’s task of power washing the path in our back garden would be easy enough. Wrong.

After much head scratching we eventually managed to work out how to put the machine together.

We attached it to the outside tap, last summer’s DIY task, and turned it on. All looked good until we tried to use it; powerful it was not.

It appears that our tap does not let enough water out from it for the power washer to work.

I won’t even try to describe what happened when we tried using the hose with the bathroom tap...

I think we should give up or just call in the experts - our dads.