In my view

Smartphones are a fantastic invention - most of the time.

You have the ability to check football scores, your emails, social media and so much more in just with a few simple clicks (or a few touches of the screen).

The downside is, it’s made people much less engaging and much less likely to pay attention when they are out and about.

Take, for instance, when people are crossing the road. I witnessed a young gentleman walking along the pavement with his head down and eyes firmly glued on the screen of his smartphone. Not only did I have to make sure he didn’t wander in to me, he then continued to walk straight across the road without the merest glance at whether or not there was traffic - which is incredibly stupid if you ask me!

Smartphones can also turn people in to very anti-social beings. I admit that I have spent evenings playing a game on my ‘phone with the person I am playing against sat right next to me. The really ironic thing is it was an ‘app’ of a board game that we could have sat and played together and actually engaged in conversation.

How often do you see two or more people sat together, but completely silent and focused entirely on their ‘phones?

It’s a fantastic piece of technology, and don’t get me wrong I love my smart phone (when the programmes on it haven’t frozen or crashed!) but I do think we need to start drawing some boundaries.