In my view

Eating healthily should be easy and I suppose in many ways it is but why does it have to be so expensive?

Buying fresh fruit and vegetables can bump up any shopping bill and it seems that every time I go to the shop the prices have risen yet again.

The same can not always be said about junk food. There almost always seems to be a deal on and, meal for meal, it can generally be cheaper; it’s no wonder the nation is getting bigger.

According to Government research the cost of fruit has risen 34 per cent since June 2007 and, not surprisingly, low income households are buying up to 25 per cent less fruit and 15 per cent less vegetables.

I know there are times that I look at the prices and decide not to buy something that I would have liked to have bought because it is just too dear.

Eating your five-a-day is not hard but it soon adds up.

There has been talk over the years about pushing the cost of junk food or sugary juice up but how about finding ways to push the cost of fruit and vegetables down?

Doctors have also suggested banning junk food adverts until after the watershed, although I am not sure just how effective that would be.

Make buying healthy food more appealing and more affordable and I would assume more people would buy it. I know I would.