In my view

Only about eight weeks ago I wrote about potholes in this feature and, without trying to bore you all, I am going to complain once more.

At that time the town was riddled with potholes, including many on my street.

Since I wrote that “In My View” someone had filled the potholes on the road outside my home. Great - or so you would think.

Fast forward a few days after they filled them and already you could tell that the repairs were not going to last. Fast forward a few weeks and we are back to square one.

I would actually say that the potholes are, in fact, even worse in places.

Surely no-one thought that these repairs would last any length of time so why bother wasting man hours and money on them? Indeed many of the road repairs that have taken place in the past few weeks have only lasted a week or so.

I could almost understand it if the repairs lasted a few months, getting us through the winter, until major works were carried out on them, but to last just a few days before they started to fall apart is ridiculous.

I can’t confess to knowing what the solution is but I would have thought that there was a better solution than this.

I like driving but it is getting to the point that I don’t want to use my car in fear of a huge repair bill - although at least that repair should last a bit longer than our “repaired” roads.