In my view

IN RECENT weeks I have seen various reports that the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) were planning a consultation to increase on increasing the registration fees for nurses and midwives to £120.

That is after the increase this year to £100, from the previous fee of £76.

Thankfully, they have since said it will remain at £100.

Although staff can claim tax relief on this, they can only get £20 back, if they are on the basic tax pay rate. And, recently the NMC discovered in a recent survey that nearly three quarters of respondents did not claim tax relief on their registration fee, and more than half were not aware that this was possible.

NMC has said that it intends to consult on raising the annual fee for all Registered Nurses to £120.

Perhaps it’s just me, but I find it outrageous that nurses are being made to pay increasingly bigger fees just to work, especially when they have had their wage rates frozen.

Most nurses nowadays are dealing with increasingly more paperwork, less staff on the wards and more targets to hit.

All the nurses I know are passionate about their job and patient care.

They perform such an important role in our society and I feel that charging them for the privilege is a pretty poor way of saying thank you.