In my view

I HAD great plans for my ‘In My View’ segment this week, unfortunately dear readers, I have completely forgotten what it was I had intended to write about.

It’s horribly frustrating thing to happen. I spent much of the weekend wracking my brain trying to recall what terrific topic I had in mind (at least I think it was terrific, I can’t quite remember).

It was a rookie error on my part. Normally when I think of a subject I tend to make a note of it straight away, or even better, write the piece straight away (a decision I went with for this item).

The more time goes on, the increasing amount of notes and lists I seem to end up with.

For instance, I was on holiday a fortnight ago and was travelling to a family wedding. Sensibly, I wrote a list of things I needed to pack.

I never bothered adding my camera to the list as, because it’s new and still a bit of a novelty, I was confident that I couldn’t possibly forget it - especially as I was planning on taking lots of pictures at the wedding.

I’m sure you can all guess the next part of this tale. I had driven halfway to my destination when I realised my error.

The most disheartening part is that I clearly haven’t learned my lesson from this - if it’s not written down I don’t remember it all. Perhaps I should write it down?