In my view

IT HAS taken me nearly a fortnight to recall, but finally I have dredged from the depths of my memory, the ‘In my view’ topic from two weeks ago.

It actually took a trip to take a picture at the Brechin Town House Museum to jog my memory, but as soon as I recalled it I was jotting it down on a post-it note and attaching it to my computer so I wouldn’t have a repeat.

So what is my long awaited gripe? It’s not quite as enthralling as I thought, but I was so surprised when it happened I just had to share it.

During my week off in April, I had a brief break in Edinburgh (complete with camera this time!). After a day touring the castle, the next item on the agenda was a trip to the National Gallery.

I would never claim to be knowledgeable on art, I just enjoying looking at the pictures. In one section of the gallery the pictures were of religious subjects, mainly the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ.

I was looking at one such painting done by a certain Leonardo Da Vinci when a gentleman stood beside me and said: “Da Vinci? He was a much better engineer than a painter.”

He then strolled off with a look of disdain.

Da Vinci painted one of the most famous portraits of all time and was more known for his artwork than his inventions during his lifetime, I think it’s safe to say Da Vinci knew his way around a paintbrush!