Info sought on bogus caller

POLICE in Brechin are appealing for information amid concerns about a bogus charity collector knocking on doors in the town.

The man spoke with a foreign accent and is understood to have been posing as a fund-raiser, looking for money for a new drug being developed to help in the fight against breast cancer.

Police have appealed for witnesses and anyone who has been contacted, and are also urging householders to be vigilant. The man in question is described as being around five feet six inches tall, with dark curly hair, wearing a red jacket and a fleece underneath.

A Tayside Police spokesman said all residents should be suspicious of anyone arriving unannounced at their door.

Householders should ensure that doors are secure, even when at home, and use a door chain.

They should not let anyone in until they are certain of who they are, or who they claim to represent.

If you have information regarding the bogus charity collector contact the police on 0300 111 222.