Information sought on family member

Brechiners are being called on to help a woman discover what happened a long-lost family member.

Sheila Grieve, from Renfrewshire, is seeking information on her uncle, who was called Stan Wade-French.

Sheila is not aware of the name of the street he lived on, but knew that he lived near to the town’s park, and believes he could have lived on Park Road.

During a previous trip to the town, Sheila discovered that Stan had a daughter called Louise and a son, who she thinks is called Albert.

Stan would have been in his late 50s or 60s in 1970 when he gave Sheila away at her wedding. She hopes to be able to trace a family or relative.

She said: “I know I’m looking for a needle in a haystack but it is worth a try.”

Sheila sought the help of Eileen Brymer, who in turn is asking Brechin Advertiser’s readers to help give Sheila any information they possibly have.

If you think you can be of help to Sheila’s search for information about her long lost uncle and his family, please contact the Brechin Advertiser, either by e-mailing or by popping in to the office on 13 Swan Street. Any information received will be passed on to Sheila.