Inveresk Council Police update

Sergeant Clark Renilson provided a brief police report at the Inveresk Community Council meeting on August 17.

He said: “Having looked at the last six weeks there is nothing of concern. Prior to that six-week period, there had been a spate of thefts in the Edzell area.

“An individual has been dealt with in relation to the incidents.”

He then issues a reminder to the meeting to ensure property and vehicles were properly secure. He said: “Although we are in a rural area, there is a responsibility to be aware of security as fair as crime is concerned. Make sure cars, garages and homes are locked and secure.”

During the police report, speeding at Inchbare was raised along with speeding at Latch Road in Brechin, where cars seem to congregate at the A90 flyover and using the route through Carston as a circuit.

Sergeant Renilson advised that if the driving is antisocial, to note the registration of vehicles and notify police. He said: “We can issue cars with an order similar to an ASBO. If they offend a second time the vehicle can be taken off them.”

He also highlighted the Police Scotland website for the area - - which contains contact information.