Inveresk update on Edzell quarry plans

Inveresk Community Council (ICC) met for their February meeting last week.

Some of the items on the agenda which were discussed were as follows:-

Edzell Quarry:

Duncan Smedley, chairman of the ICC said: “The quarry company is doing everything by the book and has put in adverts in the local papers.

“The company has declined to hold a public meeting at the end of the open day but has agreed to have one at a later date if the ICC or anyone else decide that they want something.”

Duncan went on to explain that there will be forms available for people to give feedback to the developers. There will also be the chance to write to the developers if people are unavailable to attend the meeting.

Outside lighting at Inglis Memorial Hall:

Lighting at the entrance and exit pillars will be reinstated and they will be replacing the light at the doorway.

Edzell double yellow lines:

Edzell will be getting double yellow lines, with work starting after April.

Flooding at Wishop Burn:

Investigative work has taken place at Wishop Burn and no fault has been found. It is thought that any disturbances on the road surface has been due to the weather.

If there is any repeat of the problem it has been suggested that it should be reported to the ACCESS line.

Signs on the Muir:

It was reported that the parks department will be putting up signs at the Muir for no overnight parking.

The parks department will also be erecting a notice board where it will display the parks departments rule. It will also be available for the ICC and EVIS to put up notices.

Drainage outside the Inglis Memorial Hall:

It is understood that there is poor drainage outside Inglis Memorial Hall. The council is aware of the problem and has informed the ICC that something will be done although no timescale has been given.

Wall at Gassy Brae:

The meeting heard that a dangerous buildings notice has been served on the solicitors of the individual who they think it belongs to.

Work will have to commence prior to March 28.

The following work will be undertaken: removal of all tree, bushes and vegetation that are growing onto the wall as well as the barbed wire that is built into the wall, leaving in a safe and secure condition.

Poor pavements:

The condition of the pavements between Bels Butchers and the Spar has noted by the council and is on the list to be repaired.

Forty mph speed limit at Little Brechin/Menmuir:

All speed limits and appointment of signs will be reappraised in the summer.

Street lighting times at Edzell:

The council has explained that there is more than one system which controls the lights in Edzell but the problems with lights operating at incorrect times has now been resolved.

The lights at Edzell Arch are controlled by EVIS who have looked at the lights and they should now be working correctly. Times that they go on should be between 5 am and 7.30 am and 7 pm to midnight.

Double bend signs at Pirner’s Brig:

It was reported to the meeting that the council has stated that it does not believe that there is any danger at Pirner’s Brig at the moment, with no signs warning of the double bend. However, the council will be looking into the matter.

Water supply discolouration:

Scottish Water contacted the ICC to explain that they were aware that there was a problem with some households in the area suffering from discoloured water.”

Duncan Smedley received a reply from Scottish Water which said: “We are aware of the area does suffer from discoloured water from time to time and this is due to naturally occurring sediment which can build up in water mains over time and can cause water discolouration.

Scottish water explained that there had been two bursts in the area, one on December 11 and one of December 27, and this is believe to have resulted in sediment in the pipes being released into the water.

Scottish Water confirmed that there is mains renewal work planned in the area.

Grit bins:

Residents of Edzell have asked for the return/replace of a grit bin which was always at the end of North Esk Road.

Duncan Smedley said: “I have agreed to meet with the appropriate council department to see if we can get one.”

Councillor Ruth Leslie-Melville explained that the Council has agreed to putting in more grit bins in the Angus area and suggested that the ICC contact the council as soon at possible to ask about the possibility of getting one of them.

The Inveresk Commmunity Council will next meet at the Inglis Memorial Hall on Monday, March 14 at 7.30 pm.