Invite to latest school re-union

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A GROUP of former Brechin High School pupils are busy organising a re-union for pupils who attended the school during the years 1954-1960.

The event will take place on Friday, September 30 in the form of morning coffee and then lunch at the Northern Hotel in Brechin and there will be ample opportunities for catching up with old friends.

One of the organisers, Roger Crook explained: “This follows on from a very successful event last year, when a large number attended a similar re-union from the years 1953-59 from Brechin High School.

“We are obviously hoping for a similar response from their year group on this occasion.

“Interested ex-pupils from the 1953-59 year group and the 1955-61 year group will also be made most welcome.

“Making contact is very much in the early stages and the organisers would be very happy to hear from interested ex-pupils themselves or from anyone who could provide them with information on the whereabouts of people from that era.

“One lady, Alison Watson, who is pictured in the front row of the school photograph, is coming all the way from Spain for the event.

“Alison has lived over there for the past five years.

“She may be the furthest travelled, although we also are aware that Peter Calligari is in either Canada or America.

“Time is short, but we are hopeful that as many will travel to Brechin on the day - from near and far.

“I was on the periphery of Brechin when I went to the High School, as my family and I lived at Aberlemno and I didn’t know many of the town’s business people, but, like many of us, I made many good friends at Brechin High.

“The initial response has been positive, but we only really started getting in contact with people over the last week or so.

“We have just contacted the folks we know of and Isobel and I were both invited to the one which was held last year and we met a few folk there who may return for this year’s event.

“Ideally, we would like to have as many people from this era as possible.

“We have started off with around a dozen or so, and these are mainly people who were friends of either mine or Isobel’s. We hope to broaden that net and that many more will be in touch in the coming weeks.”

For further information contact Mrs Isobel Luke (nee Milne) by phoning (01356) 626265 or by email at or Roger Crook on email or by phone on (01383) 738219.