Irresponsible drivers have been warned

Drivers who decide to take liberties with their own safety and that of others on the road could face having their vehicles taken from them police have warned.

Irresponsible drivers or those who drive anti-socially will not be tolerated by Police Scotland officers, who will take action where it is detected.

Such behaviour causes alarm, distress and annoyance to the public and can also result in serious incidents and risk to life.

In recognition of this, officers in Angus, like others across the country, enforce legislation that allows them to take a vehicle off the road and off of its owner.

The Antisocial Behaviour Scotland Act 2004 and The Police (Retention and Disposal of Motor Vehicles (Scotland) Regulations 2005 empowered the police to seize and retain motor vehicles.

The legislation allows a police officer to issue a warning to an offending motorist and the warning is recorded against both the driver and the vehicle for one year.

If, at any time during that year, the driver or vehicle or comes to the attention of the police for any other similar type behaviour the vehicle can be seized and impounded.

A person whose motor vehicle is seized must provide proof of ownership and pay a minimum charge of £105 before it can be released. If it is not reclaimed in 14 days, it may be disposed of.

Sergeant Mark Hill said: “Every day Police Scotland receives complaints about irresponsible drivers causing annoyance.

“Incidents include drivers showing off in front their peers by wheel spinning, accelerating harshly then bringing the car to a skidding halt.

“Then there is the sounding of car horns and even tailgating other motorists. Others choose to ride around irresponsibly off-road on motor cycles and quad bikes.

“Indeed, over the past six months, officers in Angus have issued 59 warnings to drivers and seized a total of 11 vehicles.”

Anyone who has complaints or concerns about this type of driver behaviour where they live should call Police Scotland on 101, or speak to any officer.

Please provide as much information as you can, including, if possible, the make, model and registration number of the vehicle and a description of those within.