Is it time to play football during the summer?

Time to play football during summer?

Such a move would see the football season in Scotland change from its current format to one that incorporates a winter break and football over the summer. It’s an interesting proposition and one that does need careful, reasoned debate.

So it’s great that it’s the governing bodies of Scottish football looking into it.

There are several pros and cons for the idea of summer football, many of which were highlighted by those clubs who elected to give the BBC a comment about how they’d be likely to vote on such a resolution.

Forfar Athletic’s comment enquired as to when part-time footballers are meant to take their family holidays if their regular season runs over the months of July and August.

I think that’s an interesting point that really should be taken seriously.

As it stands, part-time footballers can only squeeze in their family holidays during an eight-week spell between one season finishing and the next beginning. Look at Twitter - every one of them is posting sun-soaked selfies, leaving we office-dwellers scornful and bitter.

It’s also very difficult to try and fill your pages when all of your contacts are in Ibiza - trust me!

But are we going to ask players to take their hard-earned holidays over the winter months? It’s unfair to families who already put up with a lot.

But, if it’s really for the good of the game in terms of playing quality, youth development and revenue - I guess they’ll have to just get on with it.

It’s going to be a fascinating debate and it will be nice to see back pages of the nationals feature stories not involving Old Firm players’ latest tweets.

Scott Binnie, sports reporter