Is the former church on Panmure Street set for new lease of life?

Church on Panmure Street
Church on Panmure Street

New life is set to be breathed in to the former St Columba Church on Panmure Street in Brechin, after a planning permission decision.

Angus Council has granted conditional approval for plans to turn the church into a restaurant with a pool hall.

The decision was made earlier this month, with the council imposing a variety of conditions due to the listed status of the building.

Developers also need to undertake a photographic survey of the building.

Another conditions is that work must begin within a specified time period - before the expiration of three years from the date of the planning permission.

The plans have been met with a positive response from local residents on the Brechin Advertiser’s Facebook page, with many glad to see an unoccupied building hopefully being put to good use.

Charlie Cameron commented: “The town would always benefit from reinvestment and new positive business ventures.”

Dayna Robertson added: “Any improvement to empty buildings in the city would be good!”

Fiona Booth said: “I think its good news, at least a derelict building which was in danger of falling down has been utilised , will maybe encourage more businesses to invest in Brechin and possibly employing local people.”

Andy Wilson commented: “I’ve always thought the town could benefit from a pool/ snooker hall.

“We used to have Cardos when we were young and it was always fairly busy. If it is run properly and policed well, I can see it being a success. Great location as well.”

Steven Rae added: “Anything is better than an empty building rotting away, especially one as historic and beautiful as that. Look at Maisondieu Church for example.”

However, the concern of parking issues around the possible new business was flagged up as an issue, with Susan Harrison posting: “Good to see derelict building getting fixed but where are they going to park if they use the establishment?”