It is true - the older you get the faster time passes you by

Time seems to go quicker with each year that passes.
Time seems to go quicker with each year that passes.

Christmas used to come round slowly when I was a child as I was eagerly waiting for Santa to arrive - now I am older I can’t believe how quickly each year passes.

It feels like just last week we had people round for Hogmanay and now we are being asked what we are doing for this year.

Where has 2013 gone to?

I remember as a child adults used to claim “time goes by quicker the older you get” and I used to think it was nonsense. Now I have come to the realisation that I too am old as it is true, each year does come round quicker than the last. A year now feels as long as Christmas Eve did as a child.

Weekends come and go in a blink of an eye and holidays pass before you realise you are even off work.

It is especially true when you are working to a deadline and trying to fit in as much as you can before times runs out.

One minute you can look at the clock and the day has just begun, the next time you look and the day is almost done. A horrible feeling when you are nowhere near ready for the deadline!

It often feels that there is just not enough time in a day. Not that I am particularly busy, just that I never seen to fit everything that I need to into a day.

Maybe is I was more organised and forward planned I might find I have more time? I do not know.

As a matter of curiosity I did a quick Google search asking why time does go faster when you get older and shockingly the second top result was a link to page that had suggestions on how to make time go even faster! I would like quite the opposite - for time to slow down a bit.

At school I remember getting a bit worried that when I turned 15 years-old that I was half way to 30.

It seemed, at the time, a life time away - and I suppose it was - but now I am quickly approaching 30 and it doesn’t feel that long since I was 15.

I only ever really feel how quickly the year has past when December arrives and here we are in December already and starting to think about getting Christmas presents bought and wrapped.

Again it feels like only a few months ago that we were thinking about what gifts to buy everyone for last year’s Christmas.

However despite all this, there is one thing I have found that never gets any quicker at coming round, no matter how old you get - pay day!