It’s beautiful garden time again

We are nearing the deadline for entering the Beautiful Angus garden competition.

As well as the fabulous domestic gardens of council tenants, this year Angus Council is looking for prize winning pubs, hotels and primary school gardens or outdoor spaces.

So nominate your own or your neighbour’s garden, or persuade your pub and other local licensed premises to make the most of their outside space and street fronts.

There are prizes galore in each of the three competition categories:

Angus Council tenants

Licensed premises

Primary schools.

To enter, just complete the application form which can be found by following the links on the website.

School entries have now closed. The closing date for all other entries is June 30.

Send photographs of your garden when you enter so the council can share the results of your hard work in competition publicity.

Joining the council judging team are past entrants and winners and members of local community planting groups. Your entry will be scored on your use of space and colour, the integration of plants, general cleanliness, innovation and sustainability.

Judging will be completed by mid-July and the council will contact entrants before judging begins.