It’s time for a discussion on one-way streets

As flagged up on the front page, Mr Robin Smith has had enough of traffic congestion in Brechin and created proposals for a radical one-way system to reduce frustration and pollution.

He acknowledges that whatever internal solution is chosen, the complete cure can not be effected without a bypass for traffic, particularly heavy lorries, coming from Montrose and heading for the A90.

Mr Smith says: “It appears viable to use a clockwise route from Montrose Street at the south end of South Esk Street, via Union Street/High Street and Church Street to Castle Street for west-bound traffic and Castle Street to Swan Street and back to South Esk Street, via Clerk Street.”

“Changes would be a slight inconvenience to many, but better for the safety of all in the centre of our city. These would mostly be in Union Street and High Street (south to north, uphill), Church Street from High Street (east to west), St David’s Street and Swan Street (west to east), Clerk Street (north from Swan Street), South Esk Street (north to south, from Clerk Street/Trinity Road roundabout to Panmure Street only) and Panmure Street (east to west). The north section of the High Street, from St David’s Street to Church Street, should remain as at present, one way downhill from north to south.

Its junction with Church Street would need to become right turn only, as would the junction from Panmure Street into Clerk Street.

“Some other side streets would also require exit turn limits in only one direction.

“It does not require construction work to any extent, with possibly just removal of the island in the centre of Panmure Street at Clerk Street. Provision of one-way signs, no-entry signs and direction indicator signs, with some painted markings on roads would complete the work.

“A painted roundabout may be advisable at the bottom of South Esk Street/Montrose Street, to help flow into Union Street from South Esk Street.

“I suggest there should be recommended routes to avoid the centre, for example by taking all A90 traffic leaving the A90 and heading east or south (to Montrose or Arbroath) into the system via the northern A90-B966 (Edzell) access, through Trinity, into Trinity Road and south down South Esk Street. All traffic from Arbroath and Montrose heading west into Brechin for the A90 should go to the A90 at the southern/western A935 access near the Brechin Castle Centre. The need for the previously planned ring road grows steadily.


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