Jamie bids for youth parliament

Brechin teenager Jamie Cochrane is hoping to make a difference in Angus as he stands for election as a Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYP) for Angus North.

The Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) can have a membership as big as 200 young people, with voters aged between 14 to 25.

Speaking about his aims, the Brechin High School pupil said: “My aim is to build a better more positive society for the young people in Angus.”

Jamie (15) has previously attended the Columba 1400 Leadership Academy, which he has credited with helping to build his leadership potential.

Jamie continued: “I feel that I am the right person to represent Angus North as I am a confident public speaker and would strive to get the views of the Angus young people across in SYP sittings.

“I am a firm believer in having more employment opportunities for young people.

“If elected I will speak to local businesses and ask them to take on more young people giving them a fairer more competitive wage.”

Jamie, who is a member of Brechin City Youth’s under-16 team, is a keen sports fan, and hopes to make a difference in this area too. He commented: “I think that the cost of youth and sports clubs in Angus is far too high. This limits many young people’s opportunities to join these club as some can’t afford the costs.”

Jamie has set up a Facebook page to promote his campaign for MSYP for Angus North. If you would like more information on his campaign, please visit www.facebook.com/votejamiecochrane?ref=hl.

For more information on the Scottish Youth Parliament, please visit www.syp.org.uk/about-syp-W21page-94.