Junior Library Corner March 2011

It’s March! The sun has actually been shining and it looks like spring is here at last.

The Storytime sessions at the Brechin Junior Library Corner are becoming very popular and between 11 am and 11.30 am every Tuesday customers are treated to the sounds of musical instruments and singing from a very busy Bookbug Rhymetime.

There is always room for more youngsters so please pop along and join the fun.

Last month members of the Chatterbooks group read a book from “A Series of Unfortunate Events” by Lemony Snicket.

For the first time ever nobody in the group, including staff, liked the books but they did have a great discussion about why this should be.

If you want to see if you agree with Chatterbooks members there are plenty of the books in Angus libraries for you to borrow.

The group members are now reading a Nancy Drew girl detective mystery.

The Friday mid-term holiday saw an entertaining visit by the story teller and puppeteer Sylvia Troon who told some traditional Scottish tales.

Afterwards everyone got a chance to handle the puppets and props and see how they were made.

About 20 Cub Scouts visited one evening after hours to help with their Book Reader Badge which they are all working towards.

Gavin along with Mrs Hill, the Akela, and the other leaders, arranged activities that allowed them to find out about the library stock and services.

Guessing the number of junior books in the library proved interesting and the actual total of 5188 was announced at the end.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and hopefully the Cubs will be adding another badge to their collection quite soon.

Children from Maisondieu Primary School visited the library on World Book Day (Thursday, March 3) and many of them were in fancy dress.

The primary four kids, who are going to be junior librarians at the school, found out about what is involved in that line of work and the primary two children were read some stories and were helped to make up a poem.

For the pre-schoolers there are new Storybags in the junior library. These bags contain a book, a simple game and a soft toy or puppet. The storybags can be borrowed for up to four weeks long with books.