Keep safe and secure during warm weather

With the current spell of sunny weather, householders and car owners are bieng reminded about the importance of home and car security.

As temperatures continue to stay high people are inclined to spend time outdoors, often leaving doors and windows wide open.

This provides passing opportunist thieves the opportunity to sneak in and out in a matter of seconds, taking valuable property with them.

Car owners too should take steps to ensure thy protect their property against crime.

When the car is parked up all valuables should be removed and the drivers should checked their car is locked and secure.

Drivers should double check their doors to ensure that they haven’t inadvertently ‘double-clicked’ the fob remote, or pressed the wrong button and their car is secure. They should also ensure that windows are fully closed.

Being parked outside the family home, or in a driveway, is no deterrent to an opportunistic thief if they see valuables in the vehicle, or test the door handle to discover the car is unlocked.

Home security is vital and that follows for any garages, sheds and outbuildings.

Given the valuable property that is stored at the family address these days, it is vital to take the security of outbuildings as seriously as the domestic property.

As well as taking all reasonable security measures, people should also report any suspicious in their neighbourhood to the Force.

Please don’t make it easy for the thief by leaving doors and windows open. If you are out in the garden, ensure all vulnerable door and windows are locked. If you can, lock windows on the vent setting to allow in some fresh air.

Only open windows of the room you are in and do not leave valuables in clear view, or easy to reach places.

If you are at home at night, lock the front and back doors - it is all too easy to be distracted by what’s on the telly and opportunist thieves will look upon an unlocked door as an open invitation. Make absolutely certain you have locked up before you go to bed at night.

Anyone with information that they think may be useful to the police in relation to any incidents should contact Police Scotland on 101 or alternatively the charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.