Keeping watch!

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Residents in Edzell’s North Esk View have joined together to create a neighbourhood watch scheme in their street.

Co-ordinator for this neighbourhood watch, Bobby Campbell, was prompted by his wife to start up the watch after she had been affected by a couple of incidents at their home.

Bobby said: “My wife, who is disabled, had bother with people ringing her door at 10 pm and had some plants stolen from her garden.

“There is another lady, aged 92 who lives in the area, who had her bell rung late at night.

“She is blind. What would happen if she was to fall when going to get the door?

“Just a bell ringing at that time at night is enough to give people a fright.

“The problems we have are not serious but the neighbourhood watch will be more of a deterrent than anything.

“Edzell is a nice place and we would just like to keep it that way. You have to nip things in the bud before they get out of hand.

“As part of the neighbourhood watch I will be going to Stirling for a training course and I also receive a quarterly newsletter which keeps me updated with any scams or issues that are happening in other neighbourhood watch areas across Scotland.

“It would be good to promote it to the whole village to start up their own neighbourhood watches.

PC Iain MacPherson said: “This is the first neighbourhood watch in Edzell in a long time and is only the second one that Edzell has ever had.

“We like to encourage small areas and streets to join up to the scheme. There needs to be at least 60% of the householders to agree to participate in the scheme for it to go ahead. Here, 80% of residents wanted to take part in it.

“Crime levels are not particularly high in the area but it just means that if someone does see anything suspicious in the area then they can notify us of it happening.

“What we have found in quiet streets like this is that if they get bogus callers or rogue traders then they are quick to notify us to let us know what is happening.

“Bobby approached me to see about getting a scheme together and, because there was such a high number of residents willing to join together, there were no issues in getting it up and running.”

If anyone else in the area would like to start their own neighbourhood watch scheme then talk to Constable Iain MacPherson or contact the Brechin Police Office.