Kerbside waste scheme presentation

The City of Brechin and District Community Council had a presentation from Angus Council about the introduction of the new kerbside recycling scheme at its October 7 meeting.

Ritchie Strachan, who works as a waste services coordinator with the local authority, discussed the new scheme which is to roll out in Brechin and Edzell in the next few weeks.

He explained that the reason the council was making the changes was to meet Scottish Government recycling targets, with 60 per cent of all waste recycled the aim for local authorities by 2020. At the moment, Angus Council currently recycles 40 per cent of all 

The new scheme will see the current grey bin change use from general waste to dry mixed recycling - which includes paper, tin, card, plastic and glass.

A new 140 litre purple bin will be delivered for general waste, while the green bin remains for garden waste. A brown food waste caddy will also be delivered to households, with an indoor caddy provided by the council to help encourage food 

Explaining the decision to have introduce a new general waste bin, Ritchie said: “As there are so many items that can be recycled we opted to make the grey bin the recycling 

Ritchie highlighted the importance of ensuring the new bins do not get contaminated. He said: “There’s a strict five per cent contamination rate. We are currently at four per cent. If it goes to eight percent and over there is a possible 

Any bins that are contaminated - meaning items have been placed in the bin that should not be - will be tagged to highlight the contamination and it will be the responsibilty of the householder to ensure the contamination is removed.

Information booklets are being issued across households listing what can and cannot be placed in the bins.

Not all areas will have the new bins, Ritchie confirmed that Glenesk will remain on fortnightly collections for their general waste, but added that the council was looking at upgrading Edzell and Tarfside recycling facilities.