Lack of public loos at Inch an inconvenience

The toilets were closed in 2014
The toilets were closed in 2014

The lack of toilet facilities at the Inch in Brechin has been branded “absolutely scandalous” by one local resident.

Andrew McAllister was enjoying the newly revamped area on Saturday, March 25 with his wife.

He said: “It was a beautiful day on Saturday, and there were plenty of bairns about with their parents.

“My wife needed to use the toilet and there were no facilities available.

“I can’t take her down there again. It’s absolutely scandalous.

“I’ve spoken to other people about it, and they can’t believe it.”

The public toilets at Meikle Mill closed three years ago, with facilities available at the leisure centre until it closed last year when the new community campus opened up.

A sign on the toilet building advises members of the public that the facilties are no longer in use, and advise that the nearest facilities are located at Dall’s Lane, which closed last year, or the leisure centre.

Mr McAllister continued: “The Inch is looking really well, but there’s no point having it all done up if there are no facilities. Something needs to be done.

“I spoke to the council, and they said they made the decision to close the toilets due to a lack of use and the cost of maintenance.”

An Angus Council spokesman commented: “The toilet facilities were closed in 2014.

“Discussions are ongoing with a community group in relation to the building’s future use.”